Shake Shake Fries Recipe

Shake Shake Fries Recipe:Seaweed Favor Seasoning Ingredients:
Sushi Seaweed (Nori)    1 piece
Table Salt                              1 teaspoon


1. Tear seaweed into pieces, put in food processor until the pieces are fine. Add salt and mix well. (Tip: Adjust salt measurement to taste.)

Spicy Garlic Seasoning Ingredients:

Cayenne Pepper   1/4 teaspoon
Garlic Powder       2 tablespoons
Salt                     1 tablespoon

Tip: Adjust caynenne pepper and salt to personal taste.

1. Mix all ingredients together and ready to use.

French Fries Ingredients:
Potatoes           3 pounds
Water               fill 3/4 of a big pot
Salt                  adjust to taste
Peanut Oil         fill 2/3 of a deep pot Steps:

1. Boil a big pot of water. While waiting, peel and cut potatoes into 1/4 inch fries.

2. Put fries into boil water and cook for 4 minutes (test: when fork can go through fries easily but the outside still firm).

3. Lined towels or paper towels on big baking sheets, place the fries on top and let it air dry. (Tip: The dryer the fries, the crispier after they fried)

4. In a deep pot, add peanut oil and heat it up to 350F. Divide the fries into a few batches, fry each batch for 4 minutes or until golden. (Tip: When bubbles disappear, the fries are almost done)

Attention: Shake Shake Fries go to Step 7

5. Place the fries on paper towel, season with salt (to taste) immediately. (Tip: The oil helps the salt stick to the fries.)

6. Regular french fires are ready to serve.

7. Put the fries and some seasonings in a paper bag. Close the bag and shake to mix, ready to enjoy.

Seaweed Favor Shake Shake Fries

Spicy Garlic Shake Shake Fries

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