Lavender Tea with Honey Recipe – Natural sleep aid and relax remedy

We have some Munstead Lavender (an English Lavender) in the front yard, it looks pretty and smell wonderful. Lately, I found out Munstead is one of the popular lavender varieties to use in cooking, all thanks to its sweet and delicate flavor.

I picked some fresh lavenders for tea while the little princesses were napping, it taste really fresh and delicate. Added some honey to the tea, which benefit to the skin and smooth the throat. After a few sips, I was more relax and even a little bit sleepy, it would definitely work for a sleeping aid.

Lavender Tea with Honey Recipe:

Lavenders (Munstead, fresh or dried)            1 Teaspoon (fresh); 1/2 Teaspoon (dried)
Honey                                                                   1 Teaspoon
Hot Water                                                           1 cup

1 Teapot


1. Rinse then pat dry lavenders, put it in the teapot and add hot water, steep covered for 5 minutes. (I steeped for 10 minutes for deeper flavor)

2. Stir in the honey and serve.

Just have to share these pretty tea for one, all hand-painted, love them so much.

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