Blueberries Jam Recipe

Homemade blueberries jam are very easy to make and much healthier than store bought one that loaded with sugar or corn syrup. Just pick the round and firm to touch fresh blueberries, they are sweet and only need to add very little sugar or even none when you make the jam. This little blue fruit called super food for some reasons, it will give you tons of antioxidants to support good health, fight inflammations and even prevent cancers. Have you eat some blueberries today yet?

Blueberries Jam Recipe


1 pint                    Fresh Blueberries
1/4 cup                 Sugar
2 tablespoons      Lemon Juice
A pitch                  Salt
1/4 tablespoon    Xanthan Gum

Le Creuset Heart Shape 2 quarts Casserole
Potato Masher



1. Add blueberries and sugar into the pot over medium heat.
2. When blueberries becomes juicy (as picture above), add salt and lemon juice and cook for 2 minutes.
3. Mash all the blueberries with the potato masher (or you can put it in a blender with xanthan gum, mix until smooth).
4. Add xanthan gum and stir well, cook for 1 minute and remove from heat.
5. Place the jam in container(s) and let it cool to room temperature before refrigerating, best use within 10 days. (Glassware with air tight lids are preferred for storage; canned them if you are making a big batch and no refrigeration is needed).

Taste a blueberry or two before adding all the sugar, adjust the sugar amount depends on how sweet the berries are. If they are ultra sweet, you can pretty much skip the sugar altogether.

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