Mango and Mandarin Oranges Sorbet Recipe

Vitamix is really my favorite new toy in the kitchen, I have been making different flavor sorbet every night, sometime make it twice a day. It is just too easy and fast to have fresh, healthy and yummy treat in a touch of a button. I love mango and didn’t have it for a while, threw two frozen mandarin oranges to add some citrus flavor, so delicious.


Mango and Mandarin Oranges Sorbet Recipe

1                      Mango (peeled, seeded, cubed)
2                     Mandarin Oranges (peeled, frozen)
1/2                 Lemon (peeled, seeded)
3-4 cups      Ice Cubes
to taste        Simple Syrup  or any sweetener

Vitamix Blender (Model: 5200)

1. Prepare fruits and add into blender container. (Pic 1 – 3)
2. Turn blender on, increase speed from 1 to 10 until well blended, turn off blender and taste.
3. Add syrup or sweetener to taste, turn on blender again to speed 6, add 1-2 ice cubes at a time through the hole on the lid. Add ice cubes until desire consistency reached, use tamper to push down ice cubes if needed. (Pic 4)

Pic 1

Pic 2DSC_0037

Pic 3DSC_0038

Pic 4DSC_0040

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