Lemon and Lime Sorbet Recipe

I love desserts but they are guilty treat. To satisfy my sweet tooth, so do my little princesses, I have to figure out something healthier. Making fresh fruits sorbet at home for less than a minute using Vitamix (loving my new toy), it tastes incredibly refreshing and delicious, even have health benefits that come along. Lemons and limes contain Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and lot of minerals and antioxidants that good for our health and skin. It can also use for household cleaning and remove odor. I added half a banana in the recipe to reduce the amount of agave/ simple syrup needed. At the same time, it boosts the health benefit a little with this high potassium fruit.

Lemon and Lime Sorbet Recipe

1                 Lemon (peeled, seeded)
5                 Key Limes (peeled, seeded)
1/2            Banana (ripe with brown dots)
1/4 cup    Blue Agave/ Simple Syrup
4 cups      Ice cubes

Vitamix blender (Model 5200)

Steps: (Video click here)
1. Add all ingredients in the blender following the listed order. (Pic 1)
2. Set speed level to 1, switch on machine and slowly increase to speed 10.
3. Switch on high speed until sorbet smooth and well blended, switch off high speed and reduce speed 10 to 1, switch off blender. Serve immediately. (Pic 2)

Pic 1
Pic 2DSC_0194

1. Use a high performer blender or food processor if you don’t have a Vitamix, make sure your machine is powerful enough to crush ice (or it can burn your motor).
2. All fruits taste different, taste and adjust agave/syrup amount before serving.
3. Adjust the consistency by adding or reducing ice cubes, thinner consistency can serve as a slushy.
4. Key limes and lemon ratio should be about 1:1 in volume. If key lime is not available, substitute with 2-4 limes according to size.

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