Fresh Herbs, Tomatoes and Mushrooms Linguini Recipe

Fresh Herbs, Tomatoes and Mushrooms Linguini Recipe

Linguini                           1 pound
Water                              4 quarts
Salt                                3 tablespoons
Extra Virgin Olive Oil    2 tablespoons
Tomatoes (Diced)         6 (small)
Onion (Sliced)               1 onion
Garlic (Minced)             2 tablespoons
Mushrooms (Sliced)     8 ounces
Tomato Paste               1/4 cup
Parsley (Chopped)       1.5 tablespoons
Basil (Ribboned)           1.5 tablespoons


1. Rinse and prepare the ingredients as directed.

2. In Le Creuset 5 quarts Bouillabaisse pot, boil a pot full of water with
salt, follow the instructions of pasta package.

3. While the pasta are cooking, use LC flower pot (medium pot) heat up olive
oil over medium heat. Stir onion for 1 minute, then add garlic cook for 1

4. Add tomatoes in the pot and cook until the juice comes out.

5. 加入茄膏拌勻.

6. 加入蘑菇煮約1分鐘後熄火.

7. Mix in most of the herbs and stir well, cover for 2 minutes. (Leave a little
herbs for garnish)

8. Drain linguini, add some olive oil and stir well to avoid sticking.

9. Plate the linguini with some fresh herbs, tomatoes and mushrooms sauce. Add
some cheese if desired. Serve and enjoy.

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